Always know where your next customer & sale will come from

With your M10® Social Media Sales Bots, working 24/7 to find you new customers.

Automate Your Sales with “Social Media Sales Bots”, With Confidence

  • Task
    Tasking your "Social Media Sales Bots" begins with sharing your product or service details for the sales item you'd like to find customers for.
  • Research
    The Social Media Sales Bot then identifies the psychological profile of your ideal customer and their content interests.
  • Design & Deploy
    A promotional campaign is designed and deployed when and where the largest return on timely offers for your sale items can be generated.
  • Returns
    Social Media Sales Automation has freed you to focus on what you love doing as customers are guided into your sales funnels.

Profit by Always Knowing the Future

Focus your time and energy on where your customers will be and what they will be talking about. Learn more.

Predictive Analytics as a Service

Go beyond insights to discover new customers and create timely offers. Learn more.

Step-by-Step Sales Engagement Guidance

Use the Customer Search Engine to discover, evaluate & obtain guidance in maximizing your sales revenue. Learn more.

Hyper-Local to Global

Discover and engagement guidance for new customers locally and internationally. Learn more.

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