Step-by-Step Sales Engagement Guidance

Automatically generated sales engagement strategies providing hashtag, title, image guidance to produce high engagement offers.

Is it intuitive or is it magic?

Engaging the right customers with timely, spot-on marketing is a huge challenge under any circumstances, but with Momensity10, your Customer Search Engine, you will hit the bullseye most every time.  This level of perceptive marketing deployment goes miles towards building customer loyalty with engagement offers that are predictive and essential. Create buzz and have customers lining up and waiting for your next offer!

With Momensity10, all customer searches begin with submitting a Product Play for each product, service, and/or brand you’d like to identify and engage new customers for. Product Plays merge product specifics – including price point, demographic and psychographic elements for each of your product or brand solutions.  

With a Product Play in hand, it’s time to engage Momensity10’s Customer Feed!  Momensity10 is at work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, watching, observing, cataloging Pop Culture Events and the various social media conversations focused on these happenings.  By forecasting audience participation and their psychographic elements, Momensity10 can predict product-to-customer match sales engagement potential before you spend your valuable resources on a hit-or-miss attempt.


Once you decide your Product Play is matched with attractive enough Sales Engagement Potential, you can request step-by-step guidance to realize the sales and engagement potential forecasted:

  • Hashtag – Momensity10 will recommend potential plays with monitored results from social media platforms that are the best match with your selected product using customized results from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat
  • Title Plays – Momensity10 will present words that are deemed safe and unsafe with your prospective customers and guide you in developing titles that will “speak” to your ideal consumer audience
  • Image Plays – Momensity10 will display specific descriptor and image recommendations with proven results for your ideal customer
  • Video Plays – Momensity10 will display specific video

Momensity10 will be on the job for you 24/7 searching out your next sales opportunity!

With each Step-by-Step Sales Engagement Guide you will specifically learn:

  • fascinating details about your potential clients that will further round out your “ideal customer” profile,
  • where they will be at a given date and time,
  • focused information about the language and images you would benefit by using and which ones not to use in marketing collateral, and
  • a Money Map that projects:
    • your potential inventory and shipping needs
    • number of customers found
    • expected bottom line revenue and R.O.I

Having trouble deciding where to put your focus?  With access to your secure Momensity10 Dashboard, you can access the Brainstorm function and use the Request Customer Guidance feature to direct Momensity10 to collect, analyze, and assimilate information about other products and brands.

If you have your focus but are still looking for the right opportunity, Momensity10 – through our Customer Search function – can monitor specific upcoming events and future pop culture phenomena to quantify your potential earnings.  Or you can set up detailed and specific alerts with existing searches that trigger action and Momensity10 can notify you of criteria and opportunity positive to your bottom line.

Whatever the emotional drivers – interest, happiness, delight, pleasure, joy, hope, excitement, amusement – Momensity10 has a way to point you toward SUCCESS!!!

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