Predictive Analytics as a Service

Unlock psychographic insights on social media-based audiences to discover new customers and create timely offers.

So often our marketing efforts focus on simple demographic profiles of our customers

– where do they live, how old are they, and what is their employment status?

All great pieces of the puzzle, but not the complete picture!

Enter Psychographics!  Everything fun you want to know about your customers…what activities they love, what values and attitudes they hold, how they spend their money, what excites them, what they like to do for enjoyment!

If Demographics is the cake, then Psychographics is the frosting!

Psychographics offers valuable insights into your customers based on the information you may already have about their lifestyles, activities, and opinions, as well as other knowledge gathered from social media, site engagement, focus group data, and market research.  The trick is to gather all this varied data and package it into an easily referenced guide that you can use when an idea strikes and an opportunity presents itself or to develop a medium- or long-term marketing plan and strategy.

Now that you know more about what it is…what can you do with it?

Start by developing your ideal consumer audience.  Using demographics, you can create the outline and then fill in the color and the detail using psychographics.  Once you understand the ideal consumer audience that is best suited for your product or service, you’re ready for the next step.  Taking that customer persona and developing a marketing strategy that entices a click, call or sale.

In other words, now that you know what’s important to your customer, it’s time to find where they hang out and how to motivate them to act.

Using a unique blend of pop culture and social media analytics, Momensity10, our virtual predictive business assistant, can search for upcoming opportunities using the latest technology in intelligent modeling and psychographic and behavioral insights.  Momensity10 can determine if your ideal customer is more likely to attend a National Hockey League Playoff Game or Coachella.

Tapping into the strength of predictive analysis and continual machine learning, our subscription service allows you to search for the best upcoming opportunities and to personalize the message and offer you want to convey to your consumer audience.  Momensity10 then continually combs the internet looking for the best opportunities and notifies you in advance. Once you sign in to the customized dashboard, you can review the data and choose how to move forward.

You determine which events to capture based on your budget, product availability, and bottom-line projections.   Personalize your customer’s experience and the products you offer while at the same time improving your efficiency – gives new meaning to “just in time” inventory!