Learn, Grow and Focus on What Matters

Maybe you always knew…

Or maybe it was the time spent working 60-hour weeks for someone else’s dream.

Now, it’s time to focus on what’s important to you and your family!

Personal freedom, work-life balance, financial independence – we are all in pursuit of a better life spent doing the things we love with the people we want to spend time with.  Whether you’re an online seller, own a small business, or run an Enterprise marketing division, wouldn’t you rather spend time focusing on successful marketing opportunities rather than combing through endless piles of research data and focus group results?

Searching and being on the lookout for the next big trend or phenomena in marketing and sales can be exhausting.  It takes a lot of time and effort, constantly reviewing data, conducting market research, and trying to second-guess a fickle consumer.  Money, time, and esteem can be a high price to pay for a wrong decision or misguided marketing plan.

What you need is lightning-fast, intuitive access to where your customers can be reached and a fool-proof message saying all the right things that entice your customers to click, call or respond.

Introducing Momensity10, your Customer Search Engine that can predictively leverage pop culture events, social media conversation, and psychographic customer cluster modeling to provide your business with opportunities to engage your customers with timely sales offers.  By leveraging the power of automated, predictive technologies, you can know where your customers will be and the best methods to engage them for maximum returns.

Momensity10 provides time savings automation focusing your time, resources and efforts in 3 automated progressions:

  1. Customer Feed Tool – Revealed Customer Opportunities
  2. Sales Engagement Potential Reporting – Quantified  & Qualified matched Product-to-Customer Engagement Evaluations
  3. Sales Engagement Guide – Step-By-Step Guidance to capture satisfactory matched Product-to-Customer Engagement potential

For maximum flexibility, Momensity10 offers you the ability to save Customer Search criteria and be alerted when customers interested in your products are found at the revenue potential you’ve set – we call these OppAlerts. OppAlerts monitor the Customer Feeds to notify you of product-to-consumer matches which meet your preset revenue threshold and notify you via SMS and/or email to review the Sales Engagement Guides.  Wasted or stagnant inventory will be a thing of the past.

Additionally, the team at Momensity10 provides you with a full array of support to expand your effectiveness with Momensity10 and your business to include (based on subscription level):

  • Weekly Momensity PowerUp Calls
  • Community Forums
  • Momensity Monthly State of Social Media Report
  • Email Support
  • Software Training

Contact us to learn more about Momensity10 and the many ways she can help you take your game to the next level.