Hyper-Local to Global

Discover and engagement guidance for new customers locally and internationally

So, you love the idea of exploring social media and pop culture events to pinpoint your ideal customers and to use predictive analysis to find and target your sales efforts, but your product, service or business is more local.  NBA Finals or the Super Bowl are great for a global campaign, but how do you target a similar audience in your smaller and more focused region or local area?

No problem – Momensity10 monitors local and regional events as well, 1.7 million events and counting.  Whether it’s a local concert or music festival happening in your area or the state high school football championship, think of Momensity10 as your tailgating guide to introduce you to your ideal audience. Through Momensity10’s Customer Feed, thousands of pop culture topics and events (local, regional and global) are followed and the corresponding social media discussions are cataloged and correlated.  Now with your newly developed Product Play in hand, you’re ready to search events targeting your ideal consumer audience with like interests, lifestyles and attitudes.

Using the Customer Search tool, you can direct Momensity10 to search for customers around specific local, regional, and global pop cultural phenomena as the events draw attention and interest on social media increases.  Momensity10 takes your Product Play criteria and matches opportunities and sales engagement potential locally, regionally and globally as customized by you.

Momensity10 also offers a notification alert system that notifies subscribers through email and SMS about potential matches and sales engagement opportunities coming up and automatically generates and distributes your Sales Engagement Guide.

Whether you have a local or global focus, contact us to find out more about upcoming promotions and subscription plans.