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Momensity10/For Small Businesses

For Small Businesses

Momensity10 for Small Businesses

Find and leverage Social Attention where your products and services will sell.

Identify where you audience's attention is


EventIQ enables everyone from analysts to executives to quickly discover and share consumer insights in seconds. The fast and flexible Event IQ interface enables users to conduct instant searches to quickly value and participate in online conversations around events, brands, or any other topic.


Social Media Attention Marketing is the best way to discover the M10 Social Media Superlatives -

  • where on social media the conversations relevant to your brand are
  • what you should say
  • when is your best opportunities to join the conversation
  • how well your services and products will sell

As you leverage the Attention Day Trader Dashboard to forecast and capture attention before it happens - product sales increase disproportionately.

Content Recommendations


The Artificial Intelligence of Momensity will recommend to you ideal content video and image mixes that will give your branding messages a native feeling and be viewed, shared and liked - engaged!

Rest easy knowing how to reach audiences with the messages that resonate with them - embedded with your awareness and call-to-actions messaging.


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