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Momensity10/For Attention Day Traders

For Attention Day Traders

Earn Disproportionately

Track, Quantify and Profit from Commoditized Attention Across Social Media

Simply Watch the Attention Ticker


Social Media has created a great many opportunities to predict, track and engage the most valuable resource attention for your profit.

You can simply watch the opportunities scroll across your screen with Attention Marketwatch and decide which one's you wish to develop market plays to capture revenue for.

Content Recommendations

The Artificial Intelligence of Momensity will recommend to you ideal content video and image mixes that will give your branding messages a native feeling and be viewed, shared and liked - engaged!

Rest easy knowing how to reach audiences with the messages that resonate with them - embedded with your awareness and call-to-actions messaging.


Attention Composite Index

Monitor the markets at a glance - weekly to understand attention aggregation and revenue potentials to tap into.

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