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Fortnite Twitch streamer Ninja is making $500,000 a month

Fortnite streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins currently makes around $500,000 a month. The 26-year-old former professional Halo player told CNBChis astonishing monthly revenue comes from a combination of factors that includes his mammoth 3.7m Twitch followers, 5m YouTube subscribers and millions of social media followers. The bulk of the revenue comes from Amazon and Twitch Prime subscribers, however. It costs $4.99 a month to subscribe to a streamer's channel. In the interview, Ninja said he had benefited from...

How Much Should You Charge For A Sponsored Post?

Try to Google how much you should be charging a brand for a sponsored posts. Did you get a straightforward answer? Our guess is no. Determining influencer compensation can be tricky for both you as an influencer and even for the savviest of influencer marketing experts. There just seems to be no real consensus on the amount that influencers should charge brands for a sponsored post, or that brands should ask to pay for a...

11 Ways to Do a Snapchat Channel

Learning to program a Snapchat channel from the best brands and influencers in the business Forget 90% of what you’ve learned in social media marketing. It doesn’t apply to Snapchat. There are no likes, comments or hashtags. Virality is a foreign concept. So are links and URLs. The app known for ephemeral messaging and a massive Millennial audience has evolved beyond the web and beyond social media to become the first mobile media network —...

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