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Forbes releases its global list of influencers in entertainment, games, and travel

Above: Forbes' list of top influencers. Mari Takahashi (gaming) is top left, Lilly Singh (entertainment) is top middle, King Bach (entertainment) is top right, Markiplier (gaming) is bottom left, Baby Ariel (entertainment) is middle bottom and Brian Kelly (travel) is bottom right. Image Credit: Forbes Transform is the AI event of the year for growth marketers, August 21 & 22, San Francisco. Learn how AI and analytics are changing the growth game. Grab your spot here! Forbes loves...

World’s Second Largest Advertiser Takes a Stand on Social Media Influencers Who Buy Followers

Unilever, the world’s second largest advertiser, is breaking from the mold by cracking down on influencers who buy followers. The owner of brands like Dove soap and Lipton tea, Unilever announced Monday that it would be taking steps to make advertising more transparent. Chief Marketing Officer Keith Weed explained that “urgent action” is needed to “rebuild trust before it’s gone forever.” This includes a pledge that Unilever will never buy followers or work with social media influencers who do...

How DJ Khaled Became the Snapchat Marketer You Wish You Could Be

DJ Khaled is the best thing that ever happened to Snapchat. There, I said it. I’ve always loved this social network and music artist —“All I Do Is Win” was the anthem of my early twenties, after all — but now I am even more committed to checking daily, so I can find out where DJ Khaled is on his cross-country adventure and hear what ridiculous sound bite he is going to come up with next. I’m even exhorting all my...

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