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Audience Digest – Monthly

Event IQ

As an Attention Trader, Influencer, or Business being able to forecast the attention yield and monetary opportunity for specific events is a game-changer, introducing the EvenIQ. An enterprise AI tool designed to allow you to direct the advanced systems of Momensity.

Personalized Experience

Direct the Enterprise-Class Artificial Intelligence to perform deep research

STEP 1: Enter the target topic information

STEP 2: Target the Suspected Media Platforms

Step 3: Enterprise AI detects, quantifies, and validates the conversation

Step 4: You view and export the analytics and data

It's easy

Easy search & fast market plays

EventIQ enables everyone from analysts to executives to quickly discover and share consumer insights in seconds. The fast and flexible Event IQ interface enables users to conduct instant searches to quickly value and participate in online conversations around events, brands, or any other topic.

A quick search for a brand like “Oreo” reveals insights on the volume, sentiment, top posts, top hashtags, top words, emotion of the conversation – refined into a recommended content and product play to monetize the attention at scale. The EventIQ recommendations also provides data on the audience demographics, location, interests, and influencers if your goal is to grow your audience rather than directly profit.

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