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Attention MarketWatch

Attention MarketWatch

A New Age has dawned, thanks to social media you can now buy and sell attention, hype, and engagement as if they were stock on the NYSE. Momensity10 is the 1st Attention Exchange to offer a combination of advanced tools, discounted pricing, and dedicated services designed to educate, train and meet the specialized needs of the new attention market trader.

Monitor, Forecast & Monetize in 1 Step

Strategize, analyze and execute all in one convenient platform.

Hyper-A.I Forecasting

MarketWatch is an advanced artificial intelligence tool that regularly accesses and analyzes the largest ever repository of public social data (over one trillion posts) to forecast frequency, monetary value of conversations, and generate participatory content and product play recommendations.

Attention Composite-Index

Momensity A.I. pulls insights from all the major platforms to assess attention, hype, engagement valuation for attention generating happenings all in one place.

Scanner Bots

Get access to custom and pre-defined screeners that scan though attention markets to help you find the right investment for your audience aggregation or revenue goals.

A.I. Automation.





Attention MarketWatch is designed to scan the media markets, forecast and value opportunities so you can focus on: trading.

 Enterprise-class Predictive Intelligence

Automatically surfacing opportunities to monetize social attention using advanced AI technologies.


Image Content Recommendations

Thumbnail, Image Content Recommendations to join and monetize social attention


Product Mix via Demography Matching

Audience Demographic and Consumer Product Group matching to yield Right-sized product mixes to extract value from social attention.

Text Content Recommendations

Advanced text analytics provide the titles, hashtags, keywords to participate in the social attention targeted

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