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Momensity10/Attention Trader Dashboard

Attention Trader Dashboard

Momensity10 is the Only Complete Platform to Buy and Sell Social Attention

Momensity Artificial Intelligence

Momensity10's Prospecting, Forecasting and Monitoring Tools Together Comprise the Momensity Platform

Momensity10 Brainstorm: The Most-used and Most-useful Social Intelligence Tool

Momensity10 Brainstorm is the only Social Intelligence tool built to help you find FOCUS -> FIND THE CONVERSATION -> QUALIFY opportunities to monetize attention on the web.

Every tool within Momensity10 is based on the results of utilizing the Momensity Brainstorm: content mix right-sizing, trend-wave analysis, Momensity Money Map, and campaign monitoring all begin with Qualified Prospects from the Momensity Brainstorm.

Momensity10 Forecast & Planner is a Giant Leap Forward in Social Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence of the Forecast and Planner performs all the heavy thinking and lifting for you. Using this tool you can import Prospects or create prospects to evaluate the market timing, the revenue opportunity, the content mix and number of opportunities you have to capture your revenue target.

Attention MarketWatch

MarketWatch Ticker

The MarketWatch ticker is a report of the valuation and audience size of social attention, updated continuously throughout the week from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and SnapChat.


Attention Composite Index

The Attention Composite Index is an index that measures the revenue and attention potential of all topics listed on the Momensity MarketWatch Exchange.


Direct Prospecting

The Marketwatch is interactive, allowing you to export the A.I recommendations to your Forecast & Planning Campaigns to execute on with 1-click of a your mouse.



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Social Media has created Markets to Trade Attention for Disproportionate Gains

The Complete Social Monetization Platform is essential to participate in Attention Market Trading.

A Social Monetization Platform - is a platform that identifies monetizable attention opportunities,  qualifies those opportunities, forecasts the opportunity superlatives and magnitude, and recommends content and product mix to maximize returns.

Ready start trading social attention on the Momensity10 Platform?

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