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Custom Dance Video & Promo Starter Pack

Get started with our very popular Dance Video & Promo Starter Pack. This is a great way to get more organic exposure,likes and listeners on Social Media.

What you will receive:

  • An original “Momensity10 Mash-UP” video with dancers dancing to your original audio track,  original video performance or even remix video performance.
  • 1 Week Turn-Around
  • Rush-Orders Available
  • Posted to Facebook Page – momensity10
  • Boosted to 60,000 Fans!!

Summer Pricing: $199

Regular Price: $399

We can create a DANCE VIDEO for EVERY GENRE!

1-Day Music Video Promotion Package

  • Guaranteed social media promotion to 24000 new targeted fans
  • This package is 1 day of promotion.

Weekly Promotion Package

  • Guaranteed social media promotion to 50,000 targeted new fans
  • Promoted 7 days of every subscribing
  • Pricing is per week, you will be charged 1 week in advance
  • Stop subscription at anytime

Marketing Management

  • Guaranteed social media promotion to 50,000 fans
  • Instagram Photo Marketing before 10,000 followers
  • Pricing is per week, cancel subscription at any time
  • 4 days of promotion for every week subscribed

Be Featured as "Crate Find of The Week"

  • Highlight video focusing on your provided video performance (see example )
  • Separate promotion of video interview
  • 80,000 followers reached per week
  • Instagram image (poster) creation
  • Pricing is maximum one day per week, based on available inventory

30 Days of Promotion Summer Pack

  • MashUp video creation included
  • Weekly Promotion on Momensity10 Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 80,0000 followers
  • Dedicated Campaign Manager with 24x7 email support
  • 10 Days of Promotions over 30 days
Momensity10 MashUps

Let Us focus on bringing Video Entertainment Value (VEV) to  your music. Mashups will increase the effectiveness of your music promotion , get more followers and leads to more trending buzz. We have a network of various music blogs, social media groups, channels and websites that can add additional value for Mashup Promotion.


We guarantee 100 % authentic service and results within a week of promotions. We have been doing this for several of our clients over the last 5 years and, now this service is available to you.

What is a Momensity10 MashUP Dance Video?
A ” mashup dance video” is created  by having dancers dance to your music or synched to a pre-recorded dance video. The resulting mashUp video will be a tremendously entertaining  experience leading to fan engagement,  increasing your fanbase and viral buzz .

A Custom Dance Video & Viral PromotionExample:


🔥 DJ MVTANA Remix of LOOK ALIVE - follow him at MvntanaLook Alive Dance Covers remixed to fitCheck out the original dance covers by following these guysBeckie Hughes Fit @anuar_zamora IG@mikebedope Comment to VOTE or TAG someone who can do it better!

Posted by Momensity10 on Tuesday, April 3, 2018


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