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How DJ Khaled Became the Snapchat Marketer You Wish You Could Be

DJ Khaled is the best thing that ever happened to Snapchat. There, I said it. I’ve always loved this social network and music artist —“All I Do Is Win” was the anthem of my early twenties, after all — but now I am even more committed to checking daily, so I can find out where DJ Khaled is on his cross-country adventure and hear what ridiculous sound bite he is going to come up with next. I’m even exhorting all my...

Snapchat is finally giving influencers data about their posts and followers

The data might help Snapchat’s stars cut better deals with advertisers. Surfer and Snapchat content creator Danny Berk (left) snaps with singer John Lindahl. Greg Doherty/Getty Images Snapchat is finally giving its most popular users data about their posts and followers — data that could help them make more money from brands that want to work with them on partnership deals. Since the beginning, Snapchat has basically treated influential users — internet “stars” that attract millions of followers...

The Ultimate Guide To Growing Your Audience

The six elements of an effective audience growth strategy. Congrats! If you read this, you’ll already have done more than most people do to grow their audience. What follows is a breakdown of the keys to audience growth and how to establish the necessary mindset to build your fanbase and further your career. While every creator’s specific situation is unique, this overview is designed to help you develop a strategy you can adapt to your own particular goals...